Becoming a Fonterra Farmer

Good things happen when we work together.
As a Co-op our purpose is to secure the highest possible returns for our farmers while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and our communities.

It’s no small decision. There’s a lot to weigh up when choosing which dairy company you’ll supply your milk to. You’ll have a number of things on your checklist: Competitive milk price, dividend payments, secure demand, business support and access to industry expertise to name a few.

Of course, the best decision is an informed decision, which is why we’d like to show you what the Fonterra Co-operative can bring to the table. We believe we have a lot to offer – and together we can achieve great things.

We’re proud of what our Co-op achieves every single day. We work hard to maximise the value of our farmers’ milk and drive the highest possible total payout for them.

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For more information about joining the Fonterra Co-op please contact one of our Business Development Managers. Tel: 0800 65 65 68