BioKodeLab: Fonterra’s latest in dairy innovation

Over the years, our Co-op has earned a reputation as a world leader in dairy nutrition and product development.

Through research and expertise, we have launched a new supplement range called BioKodeLab – which aims to support the brain for modern day performance and fight against the effects of blue light.

Our decades of experience in infant nutrition and industry leading dairy expertise has given us an excellent platform to develop this new supplement range that helps the brain to operate at peak performance in a rapidly changing and fast paced world.

Carl MacInnes, Director of Sales & Marketing Disruption at Fonterra.

Using New Zealand pasture-fed dairy as the platform, with supporting essential vitamins and plant-based ingredients, the BioKodeLab range aims to support mental clarity, stress response and immune health.

The new product launch is just one solution we are looking at in the health and wellness area, and aligns with our strategy to create more value from New Zealand milk through dairy innovation and science.

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