Brands and Markets

Our brands are loved by consumers in New Zealand, and around the world.

Our global brands

Our portfolio of well-known brands includes Anchor, Anmum, Anlene, NZMP and Farm Source. Made using trusted processes and the highest quality natural dairy, our brands are loved by consumers in New Zealand, and around the world.

Our brands

Our brands are loved by consumers in New Zealand, and around the world.

Anchor Dairy Products

At Anchor we believe the goodness of dairy should be celebrated. Anchor has been a favourite since 1886, working hard to unlock the natural goodness of New Zealand milk to deliver everyday dairy nourishment for you and your family.


At Mainland, we believe there is an art to making the finest quality product. We understand that it’s the little things that make all the difference and that good things take time.

De Winkel

At De Winkel, we’re still doing what we started more than 50 years ago. Making delicious tasting yoghurt from all natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is added, just nature’s best.

Fresh 'n Fruity

Fresh ‘n Fruity, packed full of real fruit is New Zealand’s favourite yoghurt brand. Peel the lid off life and dive into the freshest yoghurt, made with NZ milk and packed with the fruitiest fruit.


Kāpiti delivers a uniquely New Zealand take on specialty cheeses and ice cream. Whether inspired by the ingredients, our heritage, the flavours or by the land itself, every product has its own story and each is worth discovering.


When you need fuel to dominate your day, Mammoth Coffee, Protein or Feast is what you need. Using real milk and coffee, it’s fuel to crush any task… no matter how small.

Perfect Italiano

Using the right cheese for the meal you’re preparing guarantees a more delicious authentic result. Perfect Italiano adds flair to everyday meals with its authentic Italian cheeses.


Primo is New Zealand’s favourite flavoured milk. Made with the goodness of milk, Primo contains less than 2% fat and is a delicious way to refuel.


New Zealand

New Zealand is home to our 9,000 farmer shareholders and the base for our global operations.

In addition to our leading consumer brands and foodservice business, our work at home is the core of our global dairy ingredients business. With more than 30 manufacturing sites across the country, we process about 16 billion litres of milk every year. We export about 95% of our local production to more than 130 countries. At peak we close the door on a container of dairy exports every three minutes.


25% of New Zealand exports are Fonterra dairy products.


We operate over 30 manufacturing sites across the country.


We sell our brands in 130 countries around the world.


With a long history in dairy, we harness our global dairy expertise and local knowledge to support our farmers, partners, communities and people.

The milk we collect from our farmers is made into the many Fonterra dairy foods that generations of Australians have grown up with and love, including Western Star™, Perfect Italiano™, Mainland™ and Bega™.

We also make high quality, fit-for-purpose dairy foods for foodservice professionals and provide dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies.


We process around 18% of Australia's milk every year.

6 factories

We process our farmers milk into great dairy foods and ingredients at one of our six factories. 

1 pack

One pack of award-winning Western Star™ is sold every second.


Dairy demand is expected to double in the next ten years in the world’s most populous country.

We're proud to have a strong presence in China, the world’s most populous country and our largest export market. Our footprint in the Greater China region has grown as the country’s demand for dairy nutrition has risen. We're now one of the leading suppliers of dairy ingredients and foodservice products and also provide nutritious dairy products for Chinese families through our Anchor, Anlene and Anmum brands. 


We have over 900 staff working across consumer brands, foodservice, ingredients and farming.


We have over 100 ingredients customers and resellers across China, including some of the world’s largest food companies.


Fonterra has been supplying quality dairy nutrition to Indonesia for more than 36 years.

Indonesia’s large and increasingly affluent population has a fast-growing appetite for high-quality dairy nutrition. With local milk production meeting less than a fifth of demand, the country is one of our key global markets. Today, our nutritious and tasty products nourish Indonesian consumers at every stage of their lives.


Our Anchor Food Professionals range supplies more than 7,000 commercial kitchens.

38.5 million

Our Cikarang site manufactured 38.5m packs of Anlene, Anmum and Anchor Boneeto in 2017.

821 million

In 2017, 821 million glasses of Fonterra milk were enjoyed by Indonesians.


Fonterra began operating in Malaysia in 1975 and brands such as Anlene, Anmum and Fernleaf are household names.

Fonterra has been supplying quality dairy nutrition to Malaysians for more than 40 years and we are the leading supplier of dairy ingredients for food and beverage manufacturers in Malaysia. Our ambition is to make a difference in the lives of 30 million Malaysians and help build a healthier Malaysia.


We supply dairy products to more than 20,000 Malaysian retail outlets.

2.2 million

Every day, Malaysians consume more than 2.2 million glasses of Fonterra milk.


We manufacture and export consumer products to 13 countries in Asia and the Middle East.