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We are an online scam prevention agency helping to protect consumers worldwide from online business scams. We review every site before approving it to display our seals. If we don’t think a business is legitimate they are not approved.

Browse through our pages: View know scams, Approved scam free companies, report a scam or register your business for scam free certification.

Welcome to Scam Free Zone

On our website, you can view all the jobs that we’ve found to be fraudulent. We also clue you in on common online scams that are out there. Have you fallen for a scam online? Then don’t stand for it, report it to us! We’ll put the word out that their website is a scam. That way, nobody will fall for their tricks again. To help you out, we have a list of approved sites that have work-from-home jobs. These are the sites that we’ve cleared of any wrongdoing. They’re legit sites that offer ways to make money from home, and you should definitely check them out. It’s not that you can’t make money from home, it’s just that you have to protect yourself. With our website, you’ll never have to worry about falling for scams. Only use our approved sites page, and you’ll never have to give scams a second thought.

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Scamfree For Consumers

Stop being scammed out of your hard earned cash. Visit our Approved Sites and Known Scam Pages to look up information on any company before registering as a member or purchasing their products. Our Approved and Certified Scam Free Sites will display our Seal Of Approval

Stop Scams. Report Them!

Have you been scammed by an online company? We want to know about it! Report the scam with Scam Free and stop others from being scammed.

Scamfree Job Guide

Register your online business with Scam Free Zone. Display our certified scam free seal on your website and give your visitors peace of mind by knowing your company is legitimate. Increase sales and provide a reliable and safe environment for your visitors. Certify your website today!

Business Certification

Are you tired of being scammed from one business to the next when all you really want to do is work from home a earn a real income from home? You need the Scam Free Zone Job Guide. Every month we add new "legitimate" work at home jobs to the directory so you will never be scammed again!

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