What Is A Scam?

A scam is a business opportunity that

1. Does not act on promises made
2. Uses false advertising to lure you to join their program.
3. Does not pay you for your services or work you have done.
4. Takes your money but does not send you information or products you purchased.

Scam is a 2 way street.

1. Scam against individuals
2. Scam against Businesses

Why People Cry Scam!

A lot of people mostly joining work at home programs are lured in to a program by simply
the advertising alone. They do not take the time to read the full information of a business
ie: the type of work they will be doing, terms and conditions to working with the company or
refund policies. They then register with the company and low and behold it is not 100%
what they assumed it would be. So they cry scam, when if fact the company is or program
is not a scam at all.

These type of people do not give any time to the program or company in question and
instead of re reading all information or contacting administrations for help they start filing
scam complaints all over the internet on sites similar to ours giving that company or
program a bad reputation.

Some of these people just join programs merely to cause the owners of these
companies grief. There are individuals out there who get some kind of thrill from joining
programs then cry scam within a couple of minutes of joining the program.

These people themselves are scammers against businesses. So as you can see scams
are a 2 way street.

1. Scams against Individuals
2. Scams against Businesses

So what should you do before reporting a company as a scam?

1. Ask your self did I read all information prior to registration?
2. Did I contact administration for an explanation?
3. Did I give the company or product a go to see if it really was what I ordered?
4. Did I ever get paid from this company?

If you can honestly disagree with the above questions then you probably have grounds to
file a scam complaint. The company in question is probably a scam and you need to have
them investigated.

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