Email Scams

Every Day there are more and more email scams appearing. These scams try to get you to agree to have a certain amount (usually a large sum) of money transferred to your bank account for which you will receive from 10-50% of the money deposited.

These types of email are nothing but a scam to get your bank account and other personal details.

Sample of an email you might receive

FROM: (persons name or a company name will be here) Contact.


I am a young girl of 22 years old , by name Miss THEIR NAME. the Daughter of late of NAME OF DESEASED From LUANDA ANGOLA, one time by political appointment Director of International Affaires Department of ANGOLA PETROL ANDNATURAL GAS who died on a board meeting with the International Oil Gulf Representatives, in September 11th 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City USA. Sorry I do not know whom you are in person, I feel strong to write you concering my present predicament at stake now.

I was an under graduate student of 2rd year, studying Chemical Engineering At University in LUANDA ANGOLA, before the date of the urly incident occurred last year. Although I lost my mother when she was putting to birth my younger brother who leter died in the hospital wi th my mother fourtheen years ago in London United Kindom. Presently I am in Abidjan Cote dIvoire,where I am looking or seeking for someone who will assist me in transfering the sum of money my father left in a suspended account of a Bank here in Abidjan.

The amount is Eight Million US Dollars ($ 8,000.000.00). However since, I am his next of kin , I have contacted you to stand as my Late fathers foreign parter to receive thismoney into your account after which I will join you there.

l am willing to offer you 5% of the total sum of amount, to you for assistancing me and you will handle the investment until l finished up my education, and any expenses you made in this transaction must be minus including your percentage before investing the money. In addition I humbly solicit for you kindly assistance to help me in investing this money into a good and profitable business, really my in tenssion for contacting you is not only to help me in transfering this fund out of Africa but also to help me to invest the the money into a business that give at least 100% profit in two years and nice school where l will finish up my education.

I am assuring you that this transaction is hitch free and risky-free, Please understand my condition and get to me as soon as possible and please I urge you to keep this transaction confidential for my secuirty and the security of the money. I will be waiting to hearing from you soonest, May God bless you.

With Best Regards,


Although this offer may seem too good to refuse it is just another scam to get your personal details. Do Not Accept This Type of Offer Under Any Circumstances.

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